shrine to the nastygram

also known as: the IT industry is full of petulant manchildren

Zed Shaw sent this nastygram to me and eevee in response to some tweets we made expressing our dislike for Learn Python the Hard Way's ugly, inaccessible web site. I've already commented on it elsewhere, so I'll let the e-mail speak for itself here.

I would however like to call attention to the timestamps in the filenames—the oldest being taken at 06:36 and the newest at 07:08, meaning he spent at least half an hour trying to make a couple of nobodies on the internet feel bad. 😎

Hey super cool awesome people. I saw you didn't like the design I had made for me because it doesn't work on your fancy hipster phones. Really sorry about that, and I'll start working on it as soon as I'm done working on my next book that millions of people will read.

In the meantime, I took the liberty of going through your shitty fucking websites and doing some on-screen critiques of them. I think you'll find my advice is very helpful should you ever want to pull your heads out of your asses and actually practice what you preach.

Have an awesome day being total fucking assholes,


Screen Shot 2014 06 12 At 6.36.49 PM Screen Shot 2014 06 12 At 6.46.17 PM Screen Shot 2014 06 12 At 6.53.02 PM Screen Shot 2014 06 12 At 6.59.48 PM Screen Shot 2014 06 12 At 7.03.54 PM Screen Shot 2014 06 12 At 7.08.37 PM

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