fuck brands

If there's one thing twitter loves, it's Engaging your Favorite Brands™. twitter is "committed to providing a safe environment for brands to build their business".

well, fuck brands. brands suck. brands can go to hell.

Block Together

  • flareon_favbots. bots that ★, RT and follow based on keywords. mostly automated. written and operated by eevee.
  • flareon_brands. twitter accounts that belong to companies, sports teams, anybody who's likely to show up in a promoted tweet. includes one-man brands like donald trump. I run this one for now, but eevee has access. may be automated in the future.

Let me know if you have a list that you think belongs here.

more shit

I'm thinking about turning the mass-block script I used to get flareon_brands started into a heroku app. we'll see.

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